BLIND DATE HOUSE (Chiang Mai, 2016)

Work in progress

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BLIND DATE HOUSE is a project in-process by Alicia Framis, requested by Thai artist and founder of the Land Foundation, Rirkrit Tiravanija. BLIND DATE HOUSE is under development at the Land Foundation’s rural site outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand and will be used as an artist residency site.

BLIND DATE HOUSE is a joint construction of two houses that offer separate but overlapping space for two residents. Each resident has his or her own house, and one room is a shared space: one created in line with Land Foundation’s goal of fostering exploration and experimental collaborations. One of the houses is for a Dutch artist, architect, or designer, and the other house is for a local Thai individual.

The shape of the house is focused on exchange and has varying degrees of openness. If the residents want to increase their living and working spaces, they can access the shared space, and even open parts of their home to the shared area.

This space between work, home, and personal life provides a site of discovery. The empty, unknown space, which is a vacuum between the two living areas, straddles the worlds of intimacy and privacy. This vacuum is full of promise and potential: a place that confronts you with your own conception of individuality, and your willingness or need to share with others. This house will let the cohabitants explore their attitudes towards courage, risk-taking, and self-consciousness.


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